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Please Give Feedback on My Site

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Please Give Feedback on My Site

Let me know what you folks think no sales yet but I will hang in there ..E mail me at my G mail address or leave comment at the site thanks
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Hi Tom,

The site looks good but the header seems to repeat. Please go to Affilotheme > Header Settings and make sure it is set to No Repeat. Make sure you're using the maximum header width. If you created the header using the header creator then please go into it and make sure the header width is also on maximum.

You have two "Contact" form on the menu under the header as well as "Home" buttons. If you created a special menu then please check it so that the buttons are not repeated. You do not need an earnings disclosure but an FTC disclosure. I suggest you take that out from the menu though and post the entire disclaimer on the footer so that it is visible on all pages.

You might want to add more images to your articles and use a variety of them. I noticed some of them are the same. If you are selling a particular item on an article or you're referring to several, then each item should have an image.

I suggest you disable the comments on your articles. I don't think they're necessary as you're selling items, and your articles do not require further discussion.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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It looks fine but has lots of errors for example, you insert home and contact buttons twice plus the arrangement is also not appropriate. You should Hire a Web Developer who will suggest you good ideas.
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