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PHP programing

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PHP programing

Hey guys,
One of my websites is now getting a little out of control (60+ web pages). So I'm beginning to understand the need for PHP programing.

Can you guys recommend any PHP programing books? Or products?
NOTE: I work in the IT industry so I have a basic understanding of HTML.

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What kind of PHP are you looking to do? A menu? See the PHP include lesson in the member's area... I have a feeling that is what you want :) I also wrote a long post about it somewhere in the forum here.
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The PHP include lesson is in the February update PDF ... there's no video lesson, but it is pretty straightforward. Includes are good for when you've got elements of a site that you use on many pages, like navigation, headers, footers, sign up boxes, etc. Sounds to me like that's what you need.

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