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Optimizing Affilotheme load speed to avoid Google Penalty??

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Optimizing Affilotheme load speed to avoid Google Penalty??

I been testing a fresh install of wordpress; to evaluate the page load speed of my website before I add content, themes, plugins etc... I use pingdom tools to test page load speed.

Right now as expected my stock wordpress site loads very quick (in less than 2 seconds) and scores very high on all the page speed test I have done. With speeds under 2 seconds there is definitely no reason to fear a Google slow page load penalty!

But as soon as I activate Affilotheme / Super Massive and check again with pingdom tools, my site goes from loading in 1-2 seconds to around 5 seconds. I haven't even added content to it yet, so it might even go up a bit more :(

I'm on Bluehost, but I don't think host gator will be any faster and I don't see how any shared hosting
can be much faster either????

I love all the features Allilotheme has to offer, but I'm trying to build all my sites free of Google penalties, so I can get all the traffic possible.

I think a thread is in order to try to help everyone get their Affilotheme to load in under 4 seconds max.

Also some clarification about the max speed in which our pages should load, as I recall a thread where either Matt Cutts or someone on his blog mentioned over 2 seconds was in penalty territory????

Is a worpdress super cache plugin really the answer?
If so which one works best with affilotheme?

I have attached an article that talks about server side Mod_Page speed and how we can speed things up 50%, which would really help and if these cache plugins don't do it for me, so I'll be looking into this as well. ... d-penalty/

I suggest everyone test their site with pingdom tools to see if their Affilotheme sites are taking longer than 4 seconds to load and please report back here.

I will be running some test and let you guys know what I come up with.

Any other ideas of feedback on how to speed things up?
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Hello Setio there's a plugin called the WP3 Total Cache that should take care of the slow loading time.
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My Affilotheme and WordPress are installed in a sub-folder of one of my domains on My blog is not yet complete, but has several pages and several active plugins.

My average of 5 tests on Pingdom was a bit under 3.2 seconds.

As I've written here before, I highly recommend the "Use Google Libraries" plugin to increase speed (thanks to a blog post by Joost Van de Valk)

Does anyone know what Google's "good user experience" parameter for page load speed is? I doubt it - Google never says exactly how they judge site quality. At best, maybe they drop some hints.

Anyway, I try to stay under 5 seconds, because I read that many users will leave if your site takes longer than X seconds to be usable. X=5 to 17 seconds, depending on who's advice I read. I find it hard to believe Google would penalize as short a page load time as 5 seconds or less.

What I do know is that, practically speaking, you can subtract your page load time from the time it takes a new visitor to comprehend your offer - since you site is unusable during page load time.

In other words, if your page takes 10 seconds to load and your offer takes 20 seconds to read - then your visitor is already 30 seconds into your site. Therefore, If their "Attention-to-Interest" process must really happen in less than 17 seconds, you have already lost many visitors.

What causes slow page loads - many things, but 2 top ones are:
* Big image files (keep them under 30K to 40K)
* Big JavaScript Libraries ("Use Google Libraries" plugin)

Hope this helps...
_jim coe
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