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Newbie website building questions on Dreamweaver & WP

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Newbie website building questions on Dreamweaver & WP

Hello.. Newbie plus here! :-)

I have few questions here. If I create a website using Dreamweaver or Frontpage, it is not web 2.0 website. How do I make it compatible (and benefit from it ) with the one using Blogger or Wordpress?

Another one is I am thinking of building large review sites including many different categories. I would like the categories show up on the top menu, Since the review site may include gadget, gifts, online deals, I would using different theme for each categories. Any one did this before? What kind of WP theme can you recommend? Do you also use datafeedr to bring in the products? Is it worthy the money to subscribe to datafeedR? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I tend to not purchase each domain for each keywords because that will adds up a fortune. I have been using subdomain. Is there any negative effect using subdomain instead main domain? How about just using directory style? Is subdomain better than directory url?

Thanks guys.
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I'll try to answer your questions as best I can ...

Firstly, Frontpage/Dreamweaver are generally used for building a website from scratch - whereas WordPress is a tool that creates a self-hosted website for you, and Blogger is even easier because it is hosted on So the answer to your question is most likely no. Either choose WordPress, Blogger or build it yourself using Dreamweaver or FrontPage (now Expressions).

Review sites can be a challenge because youre covering a lot of different subjects, yet you dont want to distract the visitor too much. In AffiloBlueprint we cover building a silo site - Week 9 which can keep different categories separate. Datafeeds are fine if you have the time and knowhow to setup the product page - and the merchant should supply these for free.

I would avoid using subdomains if you can but if you cant afford extra domains then just stick with one and separate your categories using the silo technique - dont worry too much about having the keywords in your domain name, it doesnt make too much difference.
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