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New website, need programmer

mark schaaf
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New website, need programmer

I am in the middle of putting together a new web site where I will be selling my own video product but I don't have a programmer who can put in some coding so when someone downloads the video he will be able to only make a certain number of cd copies and also programming on the cd copy that won't let people load it onto their computer and make copies from there either. Does Affilorama know of any company who has a service like this?
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Site Admin
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Hi Mark,

Yes, you would need a programmer for that task. I suggest Rent-aCoder or oDesk. You can place a code in the website to prohibit downloading the video but I don't think there is a code that will limit the number of copies that can be made if the video is downloaded and copied on CDs.
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HI Mark
Yes it is good to find the developer on odesk but only if you have repeat jobs and lot of development work. If you do not trust on odesk or freelance sites then I am available for you now. I am professional developer with more than 8 years experience and available right now for your help. I sent you pm and now will be waiting for your response

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