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New to Affilorama and Internet Marketing

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New to Affilorama and Internet Marketing


I'm working through the lessons on here and I'm building a website as I go along. Here is what I have thus far:

I'm writing my own content, and still working on building traffic. Any tips anyone can give me?
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Well done for taking action!

The best tips I can recommend is to keep on learning, taking more action, testing, tweaking, and then do it all over again :)

It's also vital that you know and understand your target market on a deep level. As Anthony Robbins says "to influence somebody, you need to already know what influences them," and as a marketer it's your "job" to influence people through your content and funnel them towards your most profitable actions. So spend some time in the trenches learning about your ideal customer so that you know how to market your messages to them effectively. This is a big key to your success.

I hope that helps,

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