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Need your opinion about my website & niche (making beats)

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Need your opinion about my website & niche (making beats)

Can you please have a look at my website and tell me your opinion. What do you think of the layout, graphics, header and specially CONTENT because I'm starting to have doubts about my content that it might be very basic and no one will like it and they will think its stupid and basic. I'm still not finished with the website at all but I was hoping to get someone's opinion to see whether I should leave this niche or continue? The niche is beat making and music production.

Here is my website

Thank you

Ahmed Auf
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Not a bad Website at all!

What I like:

- I like how you used a different GIF image on your "general" keyword pages. This works and it attracts attention.
- I like the colors and the image used in the header. Simple and effective.
- Traffic Travis page analysis shows the on-page SEO is at a grade of A+ consistently. I am making an educated guess as to what the keyword is from your title tag.
- The articles read well.

What could be improved:

- I think the text on the header needs to be a bit stronger. Currently it is: "Where you can learn to make beats and produce music" In my opinion it is not very striking, demanding of attention or catchy.

Some other examples that could be stronger could be:

Where you can learn to make beats like a pro!
Discover the secrets to making hot beats!
Tips & tricks to transform beginner producers into pro's
The secrets to music production revealed.
Tricks to speed up your beat making evolution
Learn to make beats that people actually want to dance to!
Beat making rookies learn how to accelerate your skills.

I just wrote these off the top of my head, I'm sure you could come up with other more targeted catch lines, especially after doing your market research and finding out who exactly your target market is.

- On the homepage I do not think you should extend your introduction instead of having an actual tutorial after the short introduction. The tutorial could be made into another article that you add to the sidebar instead. The welcome and intro that you have on your site is very good. I think you should write more about what benefits people will get from checking out your site and what it has to offer.

- Your articles are written well but I think if you tapped into peoples pain and frustration in this niche then they will be even more effective. What troubles are people experiencing with producing music and finding the best software? Tap into that pain and use it.

- I think writing link bait or list type articles (Beat Making Software - 5 Tips To Finding The Best Of The Best) would do really well in this niche.

Overall though you have a great Website well done keep it up!
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Nice site. I would also cloak my links. That's perhaps just my personal preference.
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