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Need Website Advice!!!

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Need Website Advice!!!

Okay so I've given in and I decided I am going to start my own website. I'm doing this site for many purposes.

Here's my idea...

I want this website for many purposes such as....

1) Promote my music (my solo project, my band, and my music for film and video games)

2) I want to have a review section for products (musically related and also internet marketing stuff) (I want to use this section as my landing pages for affiliate marketing and I will be using PPC campaigns to do it so I'm not worried about SEO optimization just having a domain name etc. for an example:

3) I want to have my personal blog on there as well.

So my website would have separate sections..

Music (which will have a link each for each project I'm involved in)

A personal blog (which will also contain my writing)

A product review section (in order to use as landing page blog posts for affiliate marketing)

Now does this sound ideal or just I just seperate everything into its own domain name and etc or do u think it's okay to do this idea since I'm goign to be using PPC campaigns to begin with.
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I am by NO stretch of the imagination an expert "advice giver", but here's my take on what you wrote:

1. Your domain name should reflect what you're offering on your website. Ex.

Nix any ads on internet marketing because your site is about "music" so stick with ads that are relevant to your music. As far as the "video games", if you just want to sell video games, I probably wouldn't do it on your music site because it doesn't fit in with your music theme. You want to be consistent or you will confuse your visitors.

2. The way I see it - AND I COULD BE WAY WRONG - the other things you want to add could be setup as subdomains in your hosting company.
(some hosting companies put the subdomain behind the .com - mine does it in front)
All the different categories you want to add, set them up as subdomains then list them on the navigation bar with a link to those particular pages.

You can list them on the navigation bar.
Ex. Instruments - have different subdomains for each instrument listed under instruments. Do the same for all the different things you want to do.

You can create your Blog in Work Press, or whatever, and just put a link off your Home Page to your Blog.

Just be consistent, don't mix products. If you want to do Affiliate marketing in some other niche other than music, create another site. If you want to sell videos, make another site. Now if you found a good product dealing with music and you want to become an affiliate and sell it on your site - great.

This is just my 2 cents and more like "food for thought" than things you must do. Someone else may have different ideas on how you should handle your site.

Good luck,
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Although it's a hodgepodge of different components, I don't see any immediate reason why this would be bad. The key thing to remember for PPC is that you need to have the backing of a lot of relevant, quality content on your site. Usually we say that people should have an "articles" section full of unique, relevant articles. Without a "high quality" site like this, it's likely that you'll be slapped with really high "minimum costs per click" for your ads (a.k.a "googleslapped").

For this purpose I imagine that your blog and the section about your music may be enough to give you this "quality". I recall reading somewhere (and I could be wrong) that Google sees subdomains as entirely different domains, and if you split all your content so that your blog is on one subdomain and your music is on another subdomain and your PPC ads go to another subdomain, it might not work for this "quality" stuff. You'd want all the content to be on the same domain.
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