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Need help in monetizing my websites

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Need help in monetizing my websites

Hi everybody,

I am a PR/Media Consultant, in Indian Film Industry, Mumbai.

I am an Affiliate, & I write articles on 'Techniques of Meditation' & on 'Public Relations'

And my blogs URLs are:

Now my question is - please go through my blogs, and kindly give suggestions on what I should do to earn money as an affiliate.

Warm Regards,

Ashok Sinha
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Ashok Sinha
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Congratulations on building your sites!

I just noticed that you are using Are these your main sites? If so, I recommend that you get your own domain and hosting. It really doesn't cost too much. You could pay $10/year for the domain and $8-10/month for the hosting.

Buying your domain and hosting is part of internet marketing. Whatever link value your sites are getting, whenever people link to you, you want that to come to your domain. You don't want it to go to WordPress or Blogger or some other source. Put your energy for your real valuable content on your domain because that's where you want the rank value to get pushed.

You could use your sites on blogspot as link funnels. Link them back into your site. So you're essentially creating a link funnel where you're creating content on a third-party site. You're linking to your site, and you're driving that rank deep into your website.

The articles on your pages on need to be made a lot longer. Create articles with 500+ words to show visitors and search engines that your site is of value and that your articles have fully covered the topic.

You also need to use stronger call to action to improve conversion ie "Get this product now to stay positive even in times of adversity!" or "Click here to overcome loneliness!!!"

It would also be good to use redirects for your affiliate links. It will look better when your visitors hover over the links. You could use the Pretty Links plugin or GoCodes plugin to set up redirects. You could also follow these lessons on how to hide your affiliate link with redirects.

Hope that helps! :)
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