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My web hoster just disappeared! Help please!

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My web hoster just disappeared! Help please!

My web hoster just seemed to disappear out of thin air! I think I registered my domain name through this site back in march. I registered with host gator and now I need to change my domain name over to hostgator. I cant find where I got my my domain name, in the who is, it says affilorama. Can anyone help me.

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If the whois says affiliorama did you register the name with affilorama?
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You might have registered your domain name through Affilorama hosting, which is basically a reseller for GoDaddy.

Check back through your emails. You should have received an email with login details for a domain management panel which will allow you to sign in and manage your domain.

If you can't find those details, get in touch with the GoDaddy support crew and they should sort you out.

That said, there's not really much reason to transfer your domain. You can keep it where it is and have it point to your HostGator hosting. To do that you sign into that panel I talked about above, then change the "name servers" of your domain name. HostGator will have sent you an email with details of what the nameservers need to be set to. You don't actually need to have your domain name and hosting organized through the same company.

You'd save yourself a few dollars by keeping it where it is too :)

Hope that helps,
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