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More Website Review Please

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More Website Review Please

Hi all,

I have developed two main websites;, and

It's fair to say that so far they have been spectacularly unsuccessful. I believe that I have probably tried to make them too big and hence failed to attract the "niche" visitors that I need.

I am thinking seriously about taking on Affilo Jetpack but would welcome advice on these sites. With so many successful Internet Marketers around I'm sure there will be someone who can help me start to get regular sales.

Also has anyone any strong advice on YourNetBiz please? And should I keep an Affolorama Premium and an Aweber account going for the time being?

Thanks in anticipation,

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One of the problems that many marketers fall into is trying to do too many things, with the idea that throwing a bunch of sites out there will make you more successful. it usually has the opposite effect.

I do recommend the jetpack system, not only because of the content for multiple sites, but because of Mark's training on how to get those sites making money quickly. i have my review copy already, and my first site is already making sales (and I havent even cross promoted it yet with any of my existing sites).

The tools in affilorama premium will be helpfull to building up your sites. however paying for them wont make them work. If you are using the tools, you will know how valuable they are. (if not try going a few months without them, and you will come running back fast)

Aweber is critical (well ok maybe not Aweber. I use Response2.0 for about half the price and twice the list) email marketing is a critical key to long term success. it should be the first thing you do in any niche, and for most people it is the last. No wonder so many people fail. i have made this mistake myself, and am working to change it on all my sites.

now a quick review of your sites:

Your site navigation is hard to figure out. I see wht you are doing with the summary posts, but they are not long enough, and in my opinion useless to use within your own site. They work for having a separate site, and using a variety of posts as a blog. i have a site tht i mainly use for this purpose. it is on a seprate IP adress from my main site (via hostgator reseller account) rather than using an adon domain, and so the backlinks to my site count with the search engines. Also, your summaries should be at least 150-200 words. The way I set mine up is to just use the first 2 paragraphs in the article and link to the full article with a "Read more....". I also target these pages to a different search term. having them on your main site just makes the site look spammy, and will lose credibility with people.

Also, the IM niche is very difficult. One problem is people trying to teach others how to make money online without making money themselves. Check out my latest blog post, where i went into that a bit. (see imrelations in my sig file)

also, I have found that opt ins in the sidebar rarely get clicks. Add your opt in form at the end of your articles, and get an image made for your free report or giveaway. this will increase your opt in rate.

Next, look at your traffic. Idk how much you are getting. If you are getting less than 100 visitors/ day, that should be your focus, not making sales. if you get up to 100 visitors/ day then sales will follow.

Get rid of the empty pages. the coming soon is no good and will lose credibility. either get content on those pages or get rid of them. you are wasting time.

Also, focus on a page or a few pages. One problem people have is building up a lot of pages and multiple sites, and not getting anywhere. I made the same mistake myself. When I focused on one page and getting it ranking, then the next page, and getting it ranking, on down the list, everything took off much faster.
your product reviews need to be longer, and try using a start rating system I personally dont go lower than a 4 start rating. less than that, and you hurt your conversions. add a little more info on the product. you tell what they are but not why people need them. you need a balance of the two. also, I would do a full page review of each one .

then give them the choice on the review table to buy the product, or see your full review. Some people say not to do this, but i noticed my conversions increased when I did.

As I look at the fitness site, I see the same problems on both sites really. This is one reason I say to focus on one site. doing multiple sites means you are mking the same mistakes. Take it slow. you are learning, and you will make mistakes. I have made about dozen today so far, and I am just getting started. However, if you learn to identify your mistakes, you can correct them. You won't do that until you focus on one site, and see what is going on.

you have put a lot of work into these sites, and you have gone farther than most people ever do. Be proud of the progress, and tweek things to make it work for you. both of these niches are covered in the Jetpacks as well which will give you more content and the training you need to make them succeed, so I recommend that you get it if you can afford it.
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