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Modifying The Design To Web 2.0 / What Are The Impacts?

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Modifying The Design To Web 2.0 / What Are The Impacts?

Hello, my website is ranking 2nd result for my keywords in the Google.

Now I am talking to a designer to modify my front page and some other pages look and feel, and the Designer is proposing me

to change the front page using Web 2.0

Currently my site is PHP and using standard html codes

Will my ranking be effected by using or enhancing the look/feel of my site using Web 2.0?
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Ranking will not be affected if you are just re-designing a website. Designing a website will have an impact on SEO if you change your target keywords, redirect pages or delete some.
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This is true that web design does not affect the ranking of the site.Design does not matter but the structure of the site matters.So Keep the structure same if it is ranking well.

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