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Misspelled Domain : Can I Start Over?

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Misspelled Domain : Can I Start Over?

I just purchased my domain, but noticed that the name is misspelled. I had already set it up to be hosted on Affilorama, but I want to know if I can I start all over again by purchasing the correctly spelled domain and host the new domain in Affilorama instead of the misspelled one. Currenly I am on the plan that can only host one domain.
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Yes, you can start over and use the correct domain name but you would need to delete the current website you have on Affilotheme Hosting.

You can then create a new website using the correct domain name.

You may refer to the following page for the steps on how to delete your Affilotheme-hosted site: How do I Delete a Site on Affilotheme Hosting?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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