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Meta refresh tag and Search Engines

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Meta refresh tag and Search Engines


Does anyone know what the current situation with regards to the meta refresh tag and the search engines... I found there are conflicting stories when I searched Google.

I intended to use this method to redirect to another page when the timer on this page: reaches zero...

There has to be a better way? Can a page be redirected after 2 minutes have past for example using javascript?

I'd be very grateful for any ideas... time is running short until this has to be sorted out!

Thanks in advance
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I found these two links from and both indicates that Google (and most search engines perhaps) prefers using a 301 redirect rather than a delayed meta refresh:

Google Webmaster Help says...
This meta tag sends the user to a new URL after a certain amount of time, and is sometimes used as a simple form of redirection. However, it is not supported by all browsers and can be confusing to the user. The W3C recommends that this tag not be used. We recommend using a server-side 301 redirect instead.


And this one from JohnMu, a Google employee:
I would strongly recommend not using meta refresh-type or JavaScript redirects like that if you have changed your URLs. Instead of using those kinds of redirects, try to have your server do a normal 301 redirect. Search engines might recognize the JavaScript or meta refresh-type redirects, but that's not something I would count on -- a clear 301 redirect is always much better.


Hope that answers your question. :)
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