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Mark or Admin - Please clarify this hosting service payment?

geoff pun
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Mark or Admin - Please clarify this hosting service payment?

:shock: hi mark or admin ,

i got on my credit card bill this "Domains/hosting srvcs. 480-6242*** " charging me US $ 11.06 very month.

is this from Affilorama hosting/domain? i thought its only a yearly domain of $7.85/year. i am getting a paid hosting soon, so this is not a hosting charge. what could it be??.

i'm emailing this to affilorama hosting support too.
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Site Admin
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Hi Geoff,

I've sent you a private message with contact details for support. Like I said in the message, it sounds like you've accidentally signed up for hosting, so you should get in touch with the hosting guys. Affilorama hosting is basically reselling hosting for GoDaddy (at no profit for us) so you'll actually be talking to their support desk. I've sent you the email address of a lady we use, so if you don't get a prompt response from the support desk you can contact her.

Good luck!
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