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Mark Ling - Please check out SiteProfitBot for us!

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Mark Ling - Please check out SiteProfitBot for us!

Hi, I've just received a link from an affiliate to the just launched SiteProfitBot product which claims:
In about 30 seconds all of the following is done for you automatically:
1. A fully featured multimedia niche website is created and configured for you
2. The home page is designed for maximum effectiveness
3. The home page presents all your content and services that visitors can access with just 1 click (no deep linking that would confuse search engines and visitors)
4. Nice magazine styled layout for improved experience on your website
5. Content is aggregated and categorised instantly (more than 10 sources)
6. 3 income streams are automatically activated and working for you
7. Your visitors can reach, hear, watch every piece of content without leaving your website
8. The home page and all the sections and services are automatically updated
9. The link structure is automatically created, updated and optimized
10. Keyword themes and Silos are automatically created on the fly with fresh, reliable and updated content
11. A search engine is automatically created and integrated with your site (your visitors can search for any content, podcast, videos, news…they'd like to read, see or hear)
12. All pages are carefully optimized for search engines
13. Automatic Silo structure: you have an intelligent niche website including many inter-linked related Silo. You add a lot of value for your visitors and you become an authority website in the eyes of search engines
14. Legal pages are created instantly with your contact details on them (terms of service, disclaimer, privacy)
15. You get the tools to boost and optimize your visitor's value so that you also don't have to lift a finger once it's set up (list building optimization, ad conversions, traffic regeneration, tracking…) … you will need to be a PRO member for this though!
Also of interest is that you can change the site template similar to WP.
If all the above is true I for one definitely want in and I'll need an Affilorama style template to use so ask Mark to bear this in mind.
I want to get in on the 5 day special price, so please Mr/Mrs Moderator please can Mark Ling checkout this product ASAP. It looks amazing at first sight.
Frank Levy
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