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making photos look better on affilotheme header

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making photos look better on affilotheme header

hi can any one suggest any software, or service were I can get rid of the back ground out of my photo. I've a photo of a pretty girls face, in the back ground there's the beach and ocean and i don't want them there.

I want to use the photo on the header creator on affilotheme. I've up loaded the photo as it is but it doesn't look right you can see the edges of the photo and it doesn't look professional. hope someone can help, thanks jay
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jason l clifton

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You didn't include a link to your site, but here's a suggestion for removing the background.

You'll need a image editing software tool, like the free GIMP (a sort of Adobe Photoshop clone). Removing a background is tricky. You have to zoom in on your image, then draw a "marquee" around it, the invert that selection and erase the background.

Be sure to save a backup of your original image, so you can easily recover from errors. Do a Google search to find the exact steps.

Hope this helps...

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_jim coe
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