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Making Changes to a Wordpress Theme Home Page

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Making Changes to a Wordpress Theme Home Page

I am having some issues with my wordpress page. I found a theme that had three columns and I cnaged it to two columns. However, I now have empty space where the right column I removed was located. So how do I expand my content area across the page. Secondly, another theme I was considering using had tabs across the top of the page. When I activate that theme it put all my pages across the top. So how do I exclude pages from appearing in the tab area? My last question is how do I add the privacy statement link to my footer, and do I draft up a page with the privacy information?

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Approaching your questions in the order you asked them:

The robustness and flexibility of the themes is dependent on the developer of a particular theme. It sounds like the person who developed the theme you are using primarily intended it as a 3 column layout, and removing the third column was an after though.
Your options here are to choose a different theme, or to edit the current theme to suit the layout you want.

Most of the Wordpress themes - like the default layout - have a navigation menu (either down one side, or across the top are common). These navigation menus include a "Home" button, but also automatically list your site's Pages so users have a way to get to them.
If you don't want your pages listed, you will need to find a theme that doesn't have a navigation menu, or edit the theme to prevent it displaying your pages.
Hint: if there are tabs across the top, you will probably want to edit the Header (header.php). Look for wp_list_pages( ... );

To add a privacy page to your site you will first need to create the privacy page. Choose a slug such as "privacy". You should then edit your theme's Footer (footer.php) to include a link to the privacy page.

Note: To edit your theme login to the admin area, then in the menu under Appearance, select Editor. You will need to be a fairly capable HTML and PHP programmer to edit a theme.
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hi guys!

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