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Links Disapearing XSitePro

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Links Disapearing XSitePro

Hi Guys,

Need some help/advice, I am trying to put links to the clickbank products I am promoting onto my articles. Unfortunately every time I highlight the text, click the "chains", select "other", insert my hop link, although it shows on xsitepro as a link, as soon as I preview/publish the link disapears.

I have managed to link the pictures just the text is being a problem. Maybe I am doing something obviously wrong but I am sure I am doing it right. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Conners,

Find the source code view for the page and paste in the link directly into the code. That way you can be sure that it's done correctly and more importantly, you're getting the correct TRACKED link for click and sales credit.
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I agree with esolutions suggestion.

If you are making small changes to a web page X-Site Pro may be missing it and not uploading your new information. If that is the case, esolutions suggestion will still not work.

Your answer then is a two step process. Step 1 Use FileZila or another FTP program and competely remove the page that you are working on.

Step 2. Upload the page you removed using FileZila using X-SitePro. This should cause X-Site Pro to check the page with greater diligence and acquire all of the required data.

Another option when making minor changes that X-SitePro is having a difficulty locating is to upload the minor changes whenever you are uploading a new article page. This action will cause X-Site Pro to slow down their entire upload process to access minor changes made to other pages.

This process has worked in the past when I have encountered these problems.

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