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Limiting which text is re-sized in Firefox

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Limiting which text is re-sized in Firefox

Hello everyone;

I normally use Firefox as my main browser. One trick (and a handy feature) that Firefox can do that IE can't, is re-sizing all the text on the page by holding down the 'Ctrl' button and using your mousewheel to zoom in/out. This only affects the text and other elements remain fixed (depending on how you set the 'overflow' parameter), or all hell breaks loose and text from different sections sprawls all over the place, depending on how the page is configured.

This of course can be a big problem, especially with navigation buttons.

Does anyone know any way of limiting which text can be re-scaled (or not) by Firefox? Or how to best deal with it?

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Hi I am not sure on your computer but on vista you can set your font size in your control panel < fonts
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