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Is it good idea to use article submitter?

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Is it good idea to use article submitter?

I have not finished the Blueprint yet, so maybe I'm premature. Is using an article submitter a good idea? Anyone familiar with mass article submitter?
Thanks J
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I use.... I've seen it work... and I've seen it not work. I don't submit spun articles to it though ... I only use a copy of a spun article and save my spins for AMA and FTS. I happened to get it with Magic Article Re-writer sooooooo I figured Id give it a shot... for the 10 seconds it takes me to pop an article in and submit its worth it even for only one link :P
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A similar question has already been answered. You may view the comments on this thread: post25677.html?hilit=%20submitter#p25677

You might also want to read the post made by a member whose site was slapped by Google after using article submitter: Had a successful campaign but site was slapped by Google

Cheers :)
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