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html vs php

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html vs php

another newbie question ive noticed on the end of some urls that some of them have html/htm well others have php what is the php for or the difference?
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PHP is a scripting language that can be used to create more dynamic webpages. For instance, we've got lessons here on how to use PHP to create dynamic menus for your website, and to create date scripts, and other stuff like that.

If you include any PHP code in your page, you need to save it as a .php page otherwise the PHP won't work. (Alternatively you can do some fancy trickery in your .htaccess file to make it work while keeping the .html extension, but anyway... ) You can use .php even if you don't use any PHP on your page.

It doesn't make a difference to your SEO or anything like that. Pick whichever one you like best!

- Aletta
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PHP is super HTML :-)
One of the biggest adantages of PHP design wise is the ability of includes, so you can create 1 page element (menu, header, footer etc) and with 1 line of code include that on all your pages. That way when you need to change that element it's just done in 1 place, not 20!

Work smarter not harder!
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