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HTML made very very very easy for newbies

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HTML made very very very easy for newbies

Hi People

I am not literate when it comes to the Web or things like HTML. I am sure there are other people like me. It can at times seem so difficult and confusing with beginning concepts. Sometimes you just want to be taken by the hand .This site I find is a great start in taking away the initial confusion beginners meet with when hearing about this thing called HTML.

It takes you through like this."click here""now do this""Push enter here" etc etc etc.The guy who developed this is good at showing you how it works.There is nothing quite like show and tell.

here is the site

HTML is not that difficult it just appears that way at first glance.Adrian and sean06 you are right, it is good to just take your time when learning this stuff.Rome was not built in a day.

Best Wishes
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Good to see you're getting into it :)

Once you get started it all becomes a lot easier, so just keep at it.
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