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How to upload template on Dreamweaver??

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How to upload template on Dreamweaver??


I downloaded a template that I would like to use and I have no idea how to put it on dreamweaver. It comes with an index.html, images folder, and a CSS document. I know how to open the index page on dreamweaver. But how do I incorporate everything into dreamweaver, including the CSS?? I am new to this so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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I haven't used Dreamweaver myself much, but if you have a template, I think that the index.html file should already contain the link to the appropriate css file.
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One of the first things you need to do is establish a new site. Create a new folder on your C:/ with the name of your new site. On your local info, you just need to make sure your local information points to the New folder you just created. Click the "local root folder" and navigate to find your "New Folder you created"
The "Remote" tab is the remote information you need for your web host company. Usually, if you don't know what that is, give them a call.

Now... Extract your template "files" into the new folder I had you create.
There you will now see your template files in Dreamweaver.

I always make it a point to connect to the "remote" server first. Every server seems to have a different root directory like:

public/template files
web/template files

This way, if you connect remotely first, you can be sure that your local directory looks the same. Otherwise it wont work.

If your remote host is using public as their root, your local folder would contain:

public/your template files.

I'm pretty sure if you purchase a template, the css has already been attached to the html file.
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