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How To Transfer Hosting To Australian Providor?

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How To Transfer Hosting To Australian Providor?

Hi Guys,

I have a website at No.1 position on the first page of Google for a local business here in Australia.

It is currently hosted with Hostgator on a baby account.

Someone wants to buy it and I'm happy to sell but I have absolutely no idea how to transfer from Hostgator to a hosting providor here in Australia.

I've read a lot of information on the topic but don't feel comfortable in doing this myself. I don't want any down time or dramas and using ftp etc scares me. I have talked to quite a few hosting providors here in Australia but none are willing to help with the transfer. They all say it's up to me and Hostgator.

I was even told not to transfer from hosting with Hostgator as my rankings will drop in the process. I can't believe this to be true but if there is even a remote possibility of this happening I'd rather not risk it as the main reason my buyer wants the website is due to it's No.1 ranking.

I did talk to Hostgator who said they could do the transfer for me but only if it's to a new account with them.

I would really appreciate any advice on this subject. I would pay someone to do this for me but don't even know where to turn for this either.

Any ideas are welcomed.

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