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How to store ebook on x-site for customer download

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How to store ebook on x-site for customer download

Hi everyone.
I am an affilibluprint customer and now upgraded to jetpack. I bought the x-site program on Marks recommendation last year and have got a fair handle on it.
How can I store the e-books on my host using x-site. I am hosted by godaddy.
plus how do I link to them for download?
If that cannot be done, can someone give really simple steps on how to get the job done without changing to wordpress.
I also have a wordpress site which worked well, but I have an old website which is getting some traffic so I dont want to change the whole thing. I just want to let customers download the e-book.

I have been through several previous forum posts to a similar question, but I havn't understood the answers.
Thanks in advance.
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You can try these guys I have a website that I am offering a free ebook and this is what I am using. It won't hurt to check them out.
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Hi Marcov,

What you can do is to upload the file separately either through your HostGator control panel's File manager or a different FTP program such as FileZilla. Upload it to a folder within the public_html to have the following directory structure:


'public_html' is your HostGator account's web root directory; 'ebooks' is the directory you created to contain all your PDFs and 'your-ebook.pdf' is the name of your ebook file.

Once uploaded, add a link in your website pages through XSitePro that points to this PDF file in this format:


replace '' with your actual domain; 'your-ebook.pdf' with the actual name of your ebook.
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