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How to connect WebMail with Windows Live Mail?

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How to connect WebMail with Windows Live Mail?

Hello everyone,

I would like to connect my WebMail with Windows Live Mail but don't know how.
I am new to Cpanel, I googled this task but was unable to find a usable answer.

I've tried using:
incoming server:
No SSL required
Log in ID
Outgoing server information:
No SSL required

I have a windows vista pc.

I also tried forwading to a different email that i already connected to Windows live mail but i doesn't allow me to reply with my WebMail email address but the one that is already conneted.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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In order to send mail through the mail servers, the email client program must be configured to use SMTP Authentication. Common email clients include a tickbox in the account configuration with the label "This server requires authentication". That box should be ticked, otherwise look for a setting on the outgoing server settings that refers to authentication and set it to use the same username and password for the incoming server.

This error can also occur with some ISPs which block port 25 for SMTP. AOL is known to be such an ISP. If this happens, setting SMTP to port 587 will allow you to send email through us with AOL, for other ISPs we suggest contacting their technical support for advice or using their own outgoing SMTP server they would have provided you with.

You may also see this error shortly after a DNS change has been actioned. If a domain's DNS cache has not yet updated to reflect recent changes, you may face 550 errors. Waiting will resolve the matter in this instance.
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