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How to add affiliate ID link in ebook created by myself?

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How to add affiliate ID link in ebook created by myself?

Hi,Mark & everyone!

I am planing to do an ebook by myself. I will put it on my web and visiters can download it free. But I dont know how to add my affiliate ID link for products I am going to promote.Who can tell me in details,such as:softwares,steps,......


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Hi Tim,

Without knowing what software you plan to use, it's a bit hard to comment. Some will allows you to have your links display something different from what the URL actually is (like in a webpage, how you can have "Click here") but other more basic ones will only turn addresses that look like into clickable links in your PDF.

Probably the easiest thing to do is add some redirect pages to your website ( and then you can use these in your PDF. They don't look too ugly, so it's ok to have them display like this. Having in your PDF doesn't look quite so inviting.

You can create PDFs in pretty standard software... like Open Office Writer, MS Word, etc. It's not essential that you get special software. Check out their help sections to see how to do it.

All the best,
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