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How Do We Let Google Know Our Site Is Online?

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How Do We Let Google Know Our Site Is Online?

Hey guys,
I think I have asked this question before, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. But how do we go about getting our site out there to all the major search engines? We ping our site every time we update it, but as far as google and bing and yahoo....etc....where do we go to let them know we are here?

Thanks All!!

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That's what backlinks do, a brand new site is isolated from the 'network' (internet), until you get a backlink, then it's connected to another site, and if a search engine follows that link, it follows it to your site, and indexes the page to display it on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

You can get backlinks a bunch of ways, a pretty good way these days is social sharing, stuff like tweets, Facebook likes. The best link you can get is a natural link that you get when some other website links to you because they love your content and think it's awesome enough to share with their users.

You can also join Bing/Google webmaster tools and submit pages that way as well, but most of the time a few good backlinks will do the trick.
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