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How Do I Pick My Domain Name?

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How Do I Pick My Domain Name?

A domain name is definitely one of the most prominent parts of your website. This plays a vital role when you are marketing your website. Choosing the best domain name for your website will definitely benefits you in lot ways.

There are few things you keep in mind when you choose a domain name:

• What is the purpose of your online presence? That means if you have a website, why exactly you have created the website. Is it non profit, business site, personal site, informational site, site for entertainment etc.

• If you have business site, is it a local business or does it has an international market.

• Are you willing to build your own brand or you are only interested in doing a business being behind the scene. What I mean when I say ‘Behind the Scene’ is an Affiliate business.

Once you note down the above points, you can create a domain name in many ways.

• You can create a unique new word of your own word, when you want to build a brand. Ex: .

• Brand name can also be created with existing common words which best describes your site’s contents. Ex: .

• You can also combine more than one common word to form a unique word, which describes your site. Ex: .

• But if you are not interested in building brand in some cases like mine. When the site is informational, you can combine the keywords and form a domain name so that it is easy to guess the content of the site and also can be crawled by Google faster. Ex:

No matter what style you choose to create a domain name, in any ways I would suggest,

• The domain name must describe your website contents.

• It should be short and easy to spell, so that it will be easy to memorize.

• It should either be so unique that, once read people remember it for its uniqueness(Ex: or it should be so simple that people can easily relate it to the site content and recall the name ( .

• You can also go for a completely crazy and fun domain name, if your first priority is to create a brand name. But then make sure you have enough budget to market your domain name.

• Never use any special characters or numbers which has nothing to describe your site.

Other than these things, a domain extension also says a lot about the website and is important parts of the domain name. Here are few basic domain extensions and the definition on what exactly they mean:

• .COM : These are the most commonly used extension . There is a misconception about these domains that they mean ‘Company’. But actually they mean ‘Commercial’. If you are any site that has a commercial intention then you can go for this extension. In fact there are lot of newbies on the internet who think ‘.com’ is the only existing extension. Hence, I suggest it is better you register a domain name with ‘.com’ extension to avoid loosing traffic from this group of users unless in some special conditions.

• .NET: This means ‘Network’. These extensions can be used to represent a website which is directly related internet infrastructure or may also represent a certain network connecting certain entities.

• .ORG: This extension represents ‘organization’. If you are representing some kind of organization which works for a certain cause you can go for this.

• .BIZ: This represents ‘business’. If you have local business and want to avoid the national and international competition for your small business this is the best for you. (.Bz is also used as an alternative for this)

• INFO: Represents ‘information’. If the site is providing information and is for reference this is the extension to go for.

• .TV: Represents ‘Television’. Websites representing a television channel or any other related contents can go for this extension.

• .MOBI: Represents ‘mobile’. This is reserved for the websites to be accessed on a mobile device.

• .US: represents United States. This is for website related to US. However, there is no restriction on registration. Anyone from anywhere can use this extension for their domain name.

So these are few basic you should know before you register your domain. I hope this has helped you in deciding the domain name.
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Hi Packards,

Thanks for sharing your quick list here! There are three things to keep in mind when looking for a domain name :

    best describes what your site is about
    have a .com TLD
    easy to remember

Have a great weekend! All the best!
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