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How do I change my CSS in Dreamweaver?

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How do I change my CSS in Dreamweaver?


ive just started on here with lesson 1, now onot 2 but before i go any further would just like some help if i may.
I already have dreamweaver ver 6, and im new to this program aswel so all this is one step at a time for me, lol. Anyways my CSS on the right hand side is different to the one shown on the video and i cant find how to change it, so i can do the same with the paragraphs etc? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? is there anything i can change to view the same or similar to the ones on the video.

many thanks
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The CSS sheets should show if you go to Window or something like that on your menu bar at the top and click on CSS. Otherwise it should be in the help.

I remember when I used to use version 6 it looked different but it was all there. Just can't remember off hand what the screen looked like.
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