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Help Needed Regarding Hosting and Landing Pages

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Help Needed Regarding Hosting and Landing Pages


I am Bill and I am new here.I am so glad to have found Affilorama and I am learning very quickly. My question is about landing pages of sites with different content. This is a very basic question,so excuse my ignorance. I know it would be best to have a different website for each subject matter or product but I am wondering how that is done. Obviously you can pay to have many sites outright, but I see so many ads that just have a one-page landing/order page, or maybe 2 or 3, that I am wondering if they are paying for a full service website for only 2 or 3 pages? Can someone "host ' several different domains for a reduced price? Can I have different landing pages not connected to the site? I have "quicksitebuilders". I have a website, but I am interested in 4 distinctly different areas. Currently I have them all on one website but I wonder how I can separate them before I can afford 4 websites? I do have domain names for all 4 ,but I am only using one as the main site. Is it ok to give out my site so you can give me advice? I am not promoting myself, I only want to get advice.

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Hi Bill,

In general, I think it's a good idea to use a separate domain for each distinct niche or product that you are promoting. If it contains the keyword of your niche, so much the better. It just gives you more credibility, especially when doing PPC advertising.

You're half way there since you have the domains already registered. Most hosting accounts, even the basic shared accounts, allow you to host more than one domain. I have a real basic shared account that allows up to 5 addon domains.

There are plently of hosting packages around that allow you to host even more. HostGator is one that gets a lot of good reviews. Just ask around and people will give you lots of recommendations.

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