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Help in Setting Up Affiliate Redirects

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Help in Setting Up Affiliate Redirects

Affilojetpack website on self-help

I need help with setting up -

Affiliate redirects.

If you can do it easily and well you could respond to this message and let me know how much you want me to pay you.

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I have an affilo theme in my WP website with affiliate redirects with it.
That's how i set up my affiliate redirects. You can do that too.

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Hi Juliana,

Are you still having difficulty with creating affiliate redirects? I remember responding to the same post you made in the Affilojetpack members forum.

If you're still having issues with creating affiliate redirects, then please go visit the following web page: How do I create affiliate redirects in AffiloTheme?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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