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Help! I have installed two themes

a_n global solutions llc
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Help! I have installed two themes

I was under the impression that if you uploaded a new theme that it would replace the old one. Well now i have two themes on the website. The one i edited is in front of the one i was taking a look at. So now i have to themes hear... How do i delete one site?



PS: the site is hosted by affilorama
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Would it be possible to give us temporary access to your WP admin area so that we could check what's causing the error? If so, please send a temporary administrator login to your wordpress dashboard through the contact form at our support page.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Customer Support


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Hi Anthony,

Looking at your site I can see that the png file was uploaded instead of the tar file. The purpose of the png file is so that you can preview the design but the actual theme profile design that should be uploaded is contained in the tar file.

We can help you fix this. If you will allow us to get into your wordpress dashboard, please send an administrator login to your wp-admin area through the contact form at our support page, like Michelle said above.
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