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Heading 1 - Site building

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Heading 1 - Site building

Hi guys.

I am building my first website, and I have one question...

Do I need to make all titles as H1 or just the home page article?

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Make all titles H1 tags because that tells the search engines that this is the most important phrase that sums up what your article is about.

(And you can even make all of your sub titles (if you have any) as H2 tags for secondary importance)
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Generally, headings dealing with the site and/or page are generally done with h1 tags, while heading within an article run h2 through h6. Some use h2 for page and h1 for site, but I think for SEO purposes, it might be more beneficial to have the page and site titles in h1 headings. At least, that's my understanding of it so far.

With CSS, it would be an easy thing to make the site h1 title look different from the page title, even if it is an h1 tag, just by giving it an id and giving that h1 id a different look.

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