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Having Trouble With An Article Showing Up on My site

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Having Trouble With An Article Showing Up on My site

I am using wordpress to build my site and I am now placing my aricles on the site. My trouble is that
one the the artilce "5 of the best Body Building tips you don’t want to Miss" when I go to view it is not showing up and the "about" page pops up.

What I did is place the "about page" into the "post" area of wp and I am placing my articles in the "page" area of wp. All of the aritcle are showing up but that one.

Please help.

Thanks again

website is :

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Not sure what you have done but this has happened to me and I just made another page and deleted the old one
Sometimes the custom field settings need to be changed but its difficult to know without seeing your admin
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