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Having problems With the "Affiliotheme" been told have a "Br

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Having problems With the "Affiliotheme" been told have a "Br

Having problems With the "Affiliotheme" been told have a "Broken Theme".i Have had all Knids of "Buggy" Behavoir With This Theme.The "Drag and Drop" Was Not Working(essiental for creating menus and other features).i Had Fixed it Temporaryly using a Plug-in Called "use google libraries" which lets your "Blog" use scripts to supplement missing ones.It Worked for Like a week then Quit,I Tried un-istalling and re-installing Plug-in Hoping it Would Help No go!!.also Some Of The "click" button features don't work like on the Blog WYSIWYG like if i hi-light words to make into link and Click on The WYSIWYG Tool Bar above to turn into a link clicking won't work also to the right side of blog when you are in the publish page%post mode the buttons on "page attributes" "catagories" "tags" ect,, I.E.. You click on and no reaction!! need help have a lot of work invested in this site so far here is the URL: if you can help please post here or you can please reach me at :
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Hi cherrytree,

I'm sorry to hear that. I have received your email in support and have requested for temporary admin logins to your site.

I appreciate your patience and hope to hear from you soon.
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