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Granting access to website designer

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Granting access to website designer

If I have hired someone to help create some forms on my site - is it possible to give them only limited access to a specific site or will they have full access to all my Affilorama products and sites?
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Hey Naomia,

If you've built your site with WordPress, there's no reason why your web designer would need or get access to your Affilorama products or other websites. You can add your designer as an administrator for your site by going into your WordPress dashboard, and clicking on "Users" in the left hand menu.

This will give them their own login to your site and the ability to access and edit anything on this site that is accessible through the WordPress interface. It won't give them access to any of your other sites, or your Affilorama account.

Then when the work is done, you can delete their access through that Users menu again.

Sometimes there might need to be some additional modifications made to source files that aren't accessible through WordPress, but I think for a few forms... probably not necessary. If they do want access to any other parts, and you're using AffiloTheme hosting, you may need to send that request to us for our tech gurus to modify for you.
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