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Google blocks part of my site because it's "not found" ???

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Google blocks part of my site because it's "not found" ???

I have a site at and Google's bots have been routinely stopping by each week for months now. And every time they come to my site. AdSense Site Diagnostics advises me that is a blocked url because it's "not found."

Not found? Not only is it there, but literally everything on my site is in that directory.

If anyone can shed light on why this may be happening, I'd really appreciate hearing it. Google says this may happen when the robots.txt file excludes them or when the site was down at the time Google tried to crawl it. Neither of these cases apply.

I have hundreds of pages of original content adsense pages that are sitting there hidden from everyone, and no idea why this is happening!

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Hi Cris,

I viewed your site and it seems to be working fine. But when I went to, I can only see a list of webpages on your site, but not the gallery of your products. Since the is not a webpage, AdSense Site Diagnostics will say that it is "not found". Maybe you should add http:// to the beginning of your link, and end with gallery_index.html instead of

Hope this helps.
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Its also recommended you use Google Webmaster Tools to see if Google encountered any crawl errors when indexing your site - possibly a rogue sitemap or robots.txt could be interfering with your site.
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