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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Is Google Analytics a good thing to sign up for?

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I found this ... hope it helps.

Statcounter Vs Analytics


* Free (100 detailed page views for StatCounter, 5 million page views for Analytics**)
* Can export statistics as an Microsoft Excel file, or CSV file
* Web-based statistics means you don’t have to worry about installation and maintenance
* Both generate JavaScript that you must copy to all web pages you want to track

**For Analytics users with AdWords accounts, Analytics gives you unlimited pageview tracking.

* Analytics sorts statistics by categories (Marketing, Conversion, etc.) where StatCounter statistics are all selectable from one column (this could be useful or confusing depending on your website)
* Analytics has a much nicer looking Flash interface
* StatCounter supports a paid version with a handful of additional features
* StatCounter has an active forum where you can ask questions, report bugs, and request features
* Analytics supports XML file export and StatCounter does not
* The JavaScript that StatCounter provides can be customized to show different types of counters or an invisible counter (Analytics JavaScript cannot be customized)
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