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Getting Clicks On My Affiliate Redirects But No Sales

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Getting Clicks On My Affiliate Redirects But No Sales

I just had a quick question about affilotheme's redirect function.
I have recently noticed a lot of reported clicks on my affiliate links.
Problem is I have just started optimizing my posts.
No one can see them on Google.
Well at least I cannot see them.
Every time I optimize a post and add affiliate links it seems my reported clicks go up.
There are way more clicks then I would have done for testing.
Some of my products have over 200 clicks.
The clicks appear to be different for each product.
Can someone explain what is happening?
Is there some kind of robot that clicks on my links?
I get clicks but I have not seen any clickbank sales.

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Hi Aman,

This is a normal occurrence. Once you have the site up, and the site is in production mode, then the site can be viewed by any one online.

It's possible that the clicks you see are your own clicks, like when you click on the affiliate link on the page to test if it's working. I suggest you reset the counter in the Affiliate Redirects so you can start over.

You might also want to check Google Analytics. Your site may not be optimized, but this doesn't mean it can't get traffic.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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