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General Niche or Sub-niches

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General Niche or Sub-niches

I am reading a lot about online niche marketing and have arrived
at a conclusion that the narrower a niche a marketer is trying to promote the better it is.
I understand that, but does that
mean that setting up a general web-site that covers a more general niche and all its sub-niches is a bad-idea?
It is hard to promote this type of business both from SEO and other perspectives?

I would especially appreciate a response from experienced and successful web-marketers.

Many thanks
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It's better to create separate domains for your sub-niches. Otherwise Google gets confused as to what your site is about. Mark mentioned in the forum that it might be okay to do that for search engines but you'll get higher clickthroughs for PPCs when you have a specific domain.

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Is it best to have one content rich website or many?

Hope this helps :)
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