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Finally got basic webpage up - Should it be named index.html

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Finally got basic webpage up - Should it be named index.html

Many thanks to all, finally got a webpage up with images showing, (feel like i've achieved a little something anyway). Took me all night but hey its a start. This is just a basic site and i am working on my main site, over the next few days. don't know what the hell i'm really doing but i'm sure if i restudy and go over everything again it might become a little clearer. as they say practice makes perfect, just wish i could understand html
i set new folders and subs like mark said in mar 07 newsletter
sorted out images as so many of you said, many thanks
plus also i read somewhere about index.html
when i update and save my site, should i name it index.html

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hey Paul, glad to hear it's working out. And yeh, when I save my index pages, they're always called index.
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Hi Don,
Yes your main page should be called index.html!

If you have more than one page in your root directory, it will always look for your index.html file first! If you have named all your files something else, i.e. page1.html, contactus.html, aboutus.html etc - then when you try to navigate to your site, all you will see is a list of these files, and not the homepage!!

So what you have done is correct.

Ofcoarse there are other ways such as .htaccess that you can use to point to a file, but that is beyond the scope of your question!

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