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Feedback on my site

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Feedback on my site

I've had this site up for a few years and I'm struggling to make sales/conversions. Do you think that I should use affilotheme and then follow the Affiloblueprint method to re-vamp my site?
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Hi substationman,

I'm sorry to hear you have not started to earn from the site yet. It looks great and I can't find any fault with the articles. I ran your site on Traffic Travis and you have a lot of backlinks to several different pages. What I noticed though is that a majority of the backlinks are on Category pages, and not on individual pages. You need to build links on the individual pages, particularly on review pages, or on pages that contain information that can convert your visitors to customers.

Since the backlinks are pointing to category pages, then you might want to change how your category pages look. The articles are posted in full, so users have to scroll down to see the other articles on that category. I suggest you post the excerpts of the articles instead with a link to the full articles so that users can see in a glance what articles are under that category.

You might want to include social media buttons on your site as well. Make sure you're also actively promoting your site's content through your site's social media accounts. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great sources of traffic too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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1st look at your domain name. It's pretty long like this one google allows 70 characters only in the domain name or in the url, as Cecille. l mentioned your homepage is categories only, put an article on your homepage and optimize that page.

and you have a duplicate content

Check the Google quality guidelines

And some links are broken.

Make Your affiliate link "nofollow" tag.
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