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Feedback for a Newbie Site:

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Feedback for a Newbie Site:

Hi everyone.

Am not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I recently joined affilorama, a few days ago. I currently have an affiliate website, created it a little over 2 months ago. However I made no sales yet. Am sure I made alot of mistakes with my 1st affiliate website.
Can someone kindly review my site & give me a feedback on the possibility why I'm not making any sales please?

Here is the link >>

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I see you have Google Analytics installed on your site. Would you mind sharing how much traffic you're receiving? If you're not getting any visitors, this is the first problem you need to tackle.

You're in a very specific niche targeting very expensive products (eg, $5000+). And you're hoping people will buy those very expensive products through an online retailer (Amazon) rather than through a local bathroom store.

I suspect the people you're really targeting are people who know exactly the product name and (possibly) model number of the tub they're after, and they're seeing if they can find a cheaper price online. Or they live/operate somewhere that's not close to any bathroom stores, I suppose.

So I think if you want to pursue this niche, you'd probably need to be focusing your content on specific makes/models of tub so that you can catch people searching for a particular model that they're already almost certain they want to buy.

In order to get your pages showing up in the search engines, you should also really be providing your own original content rather than just re-posting videos from YouTube. Bathtub reviews would be ideal.

The way I see it, you've got a few obstacles in this niche to overcome:

1) Unless you're a walk-in bathtub expert, it might be hard to create quality content
2) It's not a very busy niche... there aren't many searches on this topic
3) You're promoting a physical product that I think people would prefer to buy in a store, and might just do research on the internet
4) You're promoting a VERY EXPENSIVE product, so you're unlikely to see a high volume of sales (although the sales you do make could be quite lucrative)

To be honest I would be inclined to try a different, easier niche first and foremost, so that you can start to see sales sooner and don't get too discouraged.

Perhaps try building up this site so that it has at least 10 pages of quality reviews of specific bathtub models, build a few links to it, and then move onto a different niche for a while to let the bathtubs mellow. See what happens.
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Thanks for the reply. So far I got 50+ visitors since the time I built the website. I started that website before joining affilorama.

Am going through the videos. You are right I might as well start fresh & leave the current website on the side for now & come back to it later. I made a lot of mistakes, outsourced my back linking, they linked it to non relevant niche sites. Anyway am glad I made the mistakes, having learnt from it I can do a lot better with a new website.

I already have a list of niches I am passionate in, mainly health niche, The challenge is, I'm not sure which niche to dive into & how to break it down.
Considering the health niche is my passion, I already have a list of marketing ideas, including kindle Ebooks & linking it to my future affiliate website. Super excited.

Let's see how far I get after going through all the videos.
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