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Facebook/ Twitter plugins for Wordpress

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Facebook/ Twitter plugins for Wordpress

Has any one had any luck finding a great plugin for Wordpress which will post blog posts to Facebook (administered page)/ Twitter. I'm trying to eliminate the time I spend posting to both sites and automate things.

For Twitter:
Ideally I'd like the content of the post to show (140 characters for twitter) and a link back to the blog.....

For Facebook:
Ideally, I'd like the whole post to show on an administered page.

Look forward to any suggestions.

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Hi the one I used is :sociable.3.5.2 it is a word press plugin and their search should bring it up then once activated it gives you a choice of all the common social sites there hundreds be sure to go to the edit part and set it up .
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I totally misread your PM. The wordpress plugin that posts directly to twitter with a preview and then link is: TwitterTools

I don't have a plugin for facebook, but you can setup an rss feed in facebook to pull from your wordpress blog.
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