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email responders

Hi folks,
I'm in chapter 7 of affilo bluprint and I was just about to get started on signing up in aweber and building my opt in boxes. It occured to me that I don't have an email account associated with my wordpress review site. How do I set up an email address with my sites url in it? I'm guessing that, that might be a necessary first step before moving on.

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Do you have a hosted blog or are you using the "free" blog? If the former, you probably already have an email account. If not, check your hosting provider, because there may be a way to create one. Look in the control panel for the site hosting, because that's where you can find out if you have one already or if you can create one. Often, with a hosted site, you have a default email address that is in the form of, where username is the username you would use to log into the control panel for the site. Looking in the control panel might can help you figure out how to check your email as well.

If you're using the "free" one, you might could still get one with the blog's name from yahoo.or hotmail.

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