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Do we need to let visitors know we are affiliates?

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Do we need to let visitors know we are affiliates?

In one of mark lings website wowblackbook, he has a note written at the bottom saying "Note: The owner of this site is an affiliate of the products promoted." is this a legal requirement or anything? why did he put it there
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He put that there because he is a big affiliate making a lot of money. And im sure he markets that website in the U.S.A.

A few months ago the Federal Trade Commision (F.T.C) passed a law stating that if you are an U.S.A based (or market in the U.S.A) you have to clearly state that you are making a commision if and when the visitor clicks on an affiliate link.

i followed the affiliate god (mark lings) wowblackbook examples when i have a graphic linked with a affiliate link i put (sponsered link) above or below it.

when i have a text link i put a disclaimer under the link much like the wowblackbook site
i also add a disclaimer to the bottom of every page on my site.
feel free to take a look at my website for an example

the answer to your question if you are marketing your site in the USA you need to have the FTC requirements on your site, i added them and have had no negitive affects on sales.
if you have anyquestions please pm me
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Yes, the disclosure was written to make the site FTC compliant. FTC wants to protect US consumers and ensure that they make informed buying decisions. They want those who would be visiting your site to be aware that you will be receiving commissions on the product you are endorsing. It will be up to them to decide if the review on your site is credible. If you have quality content on your site and good product reviews, then the disclosure would not stop them from buying through your link.

You could read the blog and the threads below for more information on FTC rules: ... e-bloggers
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