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Do I Need To Have A Website to Join Affiliate Networks?

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Do I Need To Have A Website to Join Affiliate Networks?

Hi there,

I'm just getting started and had a very basic question that I'm hoping you can entertain. I plan on building a website using many affiliate links with product reviews. I plan on joining 2 networks to start...Click to Bank and Market Health. My question is, does my website need to be live before either of these networks would accept me? If so, how can I create a site centered around affiliate links if the website needs to exist before the affiliate networks would accept me? I plan on mainly marketing fitness products, nutrition supplements, and other products pertaining to weight loss. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Chris,

You don't need to have a site in order to join Clickbank and MarketHealth. Both networks ask for website information (domain name, number of hits, marketing strategy, etc) during registration but you can be upfront and let them know you don't have a website up yet.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Having your own website always helps. I don't have one as yet but hoping to have it soon. At the same time one cannot disagree with the fact that many an affiliate marketer has tasted the nectar of success without owning a website! Affiliate marketing is all about marketing strategies and the ways you employ them.
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