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Cybersquatting, Can anyone Enlighten me about it?

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Cybersquatting, Can anyone Enlighten me about it?

I'm tried registering a Domain, but I just found out that the domain name (***.com) is registered. I'm planning to register it's .net counterpart. Is this considered a case of cybersquatting ?

The domain is not in anyway a trademark, nor a company name of a certain company.

Pls enlighten me about cybersquatting.

I almost forgot the domain in question is currently PARKED.
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Welcome to Affilorama,
If you are using the domain name for a site of yours then that's fine.
It's the .com owners fault he didn't register it.
what is cybersquatting?

If you really want it, go for it I say.
Keep in mind that the .com will or may be in competition with you now or later.
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